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Why hairdressers shampoo your hair before cutting
Author: Victor Chong
Posted: 23/08/2005
Have you ever wonder why do hairdressers need to shampoo your hair before they start working on them? I have the following findings after doing some research and speaking to some experts.

Hairdressers shampoo the clients' hair to cleanse the scalp and hair by removing grease, dirt, flaking skin etc. This will allow hairdressers to have a good "feel" for the clients' hair while checking on the condition of the scalp.

Shampooing will also stimulate the capillary blood supple and tone up the tissues. It also helps to invigorate and relax the client - create the therapeutic effect.

With a freshly cleansed hair, it will help to produce a truer and better result since there is no build up from styling products (e.g. gel, wax etc..) The "true curl" of the hair can also be seen before commencing on the cut.

Shampooing before working on the hair is also more sanitary for the hairdresser.

A trival point... Some hairdressers even noted that by cutting dry hair, it can be more damaging to the shears that the hairdressers used and thus, they will need to be sharpened more frequently!

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